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The convenience of having our patient’s medication pre-packed by DAA Packing Services has unlocked valuable time, allowing me to provide more personalised care for both patients and walk-in customers. I didn’t realise packing medications took up so much time until I handed it all over to DAA. 


I’m impressed with the ease of streamlining the many facets of managing patient’s medication – it was simple to commence and the software can be accessed at multiple locations providing surprising efficiency. Well done to the DAA team!     


Terry White Bateau Bay Square Chemist

Gone are the days of packing out the back on a cluttered bench. Using DAA Packing Services has vastly improved overall efficiency and I can now concentrate on the many other aspects of running a busy pharmacy while DAAPS takes the load of packing medication.


I have found the quality to be outstanding and the personalised service that they provide makes it an all-round success for the pharmacy. I loved the surprise cost-saving elements within this system plus the instant reporting that DAA Administrator software provides. Glad to have made the switch! 


Priceline Pharmacy Lake Haven

Since implementing DAA packing services into our pharmacy, we have seen a significant difference to our workflow. We are able to focus on providing and implementing new professional services as well as still being able to provide an excellent medication management service for our patients.


We have also found since implementing DAAPS, we are able to focus more on the clinical aspects of dosage administration aids and discussing changes with patients and their families, knowing that, by using the easy-to-use software, the changes will automatically be picked up with the following cycle by DAAPS. We are so happy as a business to have made the change and could not imagine going back.


Cooleman Court Pharmacy

The software is easy to use, efficient and centralises everything. For e.g. Client data, ordering, medications, pill counts - it’s just easy to find with the DAAPS software. It’s also really easy with 7CPA claiming as well.


Soul Pattinson Chemist Crows Nest

I just like how the software is easy to administer and use. The reports make it easy to check my patient’s profiles.

I can print all my reports, client profiles and medications, whatever information I want.


Great Lakes Pharmacy

We're proud to care as much as you do.

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