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Great News! The set up of the DAAPS system is simple and seamless. 


Our cloud-based administration software is free and enables you access to online ordering and reporting features anywhere, anytime.

You will also benefit from our experienced support team who will guide you through the transition period and training is provided to help you to scale your DAA service.

Once the setup of your patient and medication profiles are complete, you can begin ordering immediately! 


Submitted orders are directly linked to our state-of-the-art packing machines, where medications are automatically packed into the required packtype - blister packs, sachets or a combination of both. 


*To ensure packed items comply with TGA standards, all orders are checked by our Quality Assurance team prior to being dispatched. 

Place your DAA order with confidence.

Knowing your medications are securely packed in a quality-controlled environment.

Blister pack in production

Where innovation meets opportunity.

Your orders are directly linked to our cutting-edge packing machines giving you more time with your patients.

Blister pack in production
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