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Production staff holding pills

We've got your
medication sorted.

DAAPS simplifies the DAA process so you can deliver the most streamlined service to your customers.

DAAPS fully appreciates managing DAA's can be a convoluted process. It comes with high levels of administrative overheads, risks of cross-contamination and likelihood of packing errors.

So, there's got to be a smarter way right? 

The good news is there is and here's how we help . . .

Putting it simply, we've refined the process of packing Dose Administration Aids. 


With smart engineering and an adept team, you can now be fully equipped to have your DAA medications packaged for you - in less time and at a lower cost. 


All you need to think about is scheduling your order and we've got the rest sorted.

You can also have the peace of mind knowing your order is completed under GMP process in an approved Clean Room Facility. 


Should you require sachets, blister packs or both, no problem - we've got it sorted!

What's more, we deliver to you - wherever you are in Australia.

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