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Jolt for change.

Have your Dose Administration Aids

packed a smarter way.

It’s time to pack up! Revolutionalise your DAA service to enhance accuracy and boost business growth.

Simplified service delivering a new kind of care. 

We've simplified the process of managing Dose Administration Aids to simplify your life.

DAAPS Quality Packaging

Quality Packaging

Our packaging products are of the highest quality and fully disposable - bringing you added confidence.   

DAAPS Flexible Products

Flexible Products

Should you require blister packs, sachets or a combination of both, 
we've got it sorted! 

DAAPS Accessible System

Accessible System

DAAPS' cloud-based software is free and facilitates easy access to patient details, ordering and reporting features from any device. 

DAAPS Simple Service

Simple Service

We keep it simple so you can focus on delivering the most streamlined service to your customers.

DAAPS Contract Free

Contract Free

You don't need to worry about being locked into any contracts. We've ditched them!

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How much do you really save by producing your own blister packs inhouse?

Business profitability is the goal of all business owners. Personalising a service, like packing blisters for your customers, ensures...

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