Q. Can I have a software demonstration?

Yes – a demonstration is free and without obligation.


Q.  What Dose Administration Aid format do you pack?

BOTH blisters and sachets: 

We currently pack 4x7 blister packs as well as sachet rolls.


Q.  Is there a cost involved for the initial setup?

No there is no cost involved.


Q.  What is the software cost per month?   

The use of the software is free, so no charges will be applied.


Q.  How many user licenses are included in the software?    

Unlimited number of users can access the software simultaneously.


Q. Is my IT setup compatible with your system?

Our software system is a cloud-based application, therefore can be accessed from any computer using your browser.

Q.  I currently service an aged care facility. Does your software cater for this service as well?

Yes. The system allows you to service all your patients.


Q. Is it possible to create packs in-house when required?    

Yes, you can manually create packs in-store using our software. 

Q.  Are signing sheets available?


Q.  How do I get started?

You can either call 1300 322 772 or click here to register.